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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Um so

I was digging through archives, trying to find one of Dana's glorious Christmas Paint-ings, and instead I found an old post by Raychul the Great, where she was going crazy over a song called Best Behavior, which I had TOTALLY FORGOTTEN EVER EXISTED.

Anyway, while stuck in traffic yesterday, I found the YouTube with Matt Wertz singing and it's pretty catchy? Why wasn't this a thing? It's not what I was expecting AT ALL.

You're welcome. THROWBACK TUESDAY.


violet4ever said...

I guess that song went the way of a number of love songs when David changed directions for The Other Side of Down. I'm really glad we finally got so many of the others on TOSOD Asian Edition and No Matter How Far.

violet4ever said...

BTW your HOME link upper left on this site still points at the old snarkyarchies.com

Misty Day said...

Ah! Thank you! I don't think any of those links work now anyway...I'll fix 'em someday...