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Saturday, October 25, 2008

A scarf, cocoa, and chaos

Hi! I just got back from the game! Amy is on her way home, so hopefully her videos will be up soon! She has a crazzzzzy stampede video. The video is really freaky, people. Freakkky. I warned you. I just wanted to say that I made my way up to the limo after David sang. I somehow managed to get around everybody and avoid the major stampede? Idk. I made it to the front by the limo and David was already in it when I got there. I have no idea how I managed to not get stuck in the throng of it all. Anyway, people kept opening the limo doors and I could sneak a peek at David. He looked so little and cold in the big limo. Of course I loved seeing him in there, but I wanted them to stop opening that dang door! David needed to stay warmmmm. But he would wave to people when the door was open. It was cute. I saw him laughing in there, too.

I know Amy mentioned in her post that I got my gift to Jeff! I'm super excited! The police officers and security guards wouldn't give it to him for me. I was pretty sad. And then I kind of just broke through the police officers when I saw Jeff's hat appear and yelled his name and kind of just shoved it out there for him to reach. The police officers didn't even stop me! Jeff took it and said 'thank you.' I still think I may have freaked him out a bit. I was standing in front of the security guards, just kind of by myself. It was odd. But in my defense, my craziness was justified. David NEEDED the gift. It was a warm and cozy knitted scarf and some hot cocoa! Just what the doctor ordered. :) I hope David is snuggled up in bed all warm and cozy. He needs that after this cold, rainy, spooky night.

Edit: OH! I wanted to add how wonderful Archie fans are! I LOVE YOU ALL. Sammie, Susan, Angie, Emily, and Sarah! Y'all are sooooo nice and I had fun talking to you in drizzle! Hope you all made it home safely! :)

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